What We Do!

Resource Venture Liberia (RVL) is a service real estate marketing company committed to providing convenient, reliable and permanent solutions to the housing needs of people in Liberia and the diaspora who want to sell their residential house(s) and those who want to buy new homes or invest in housing as a business.

RVL show-cases a photo gallery of hundreds of unfinished/finished residential houses around Monrovia and its environs that are out for sales.  Interested buyers are requested to review the photos in the gallery and do the following:

  1. Choose the house(s) you are interested by  indicating the assigned number
  2. Request more details including price of the house as  is “and estimated cost for completion”
  3. Sign agreed payment plan between seller and buyer
  4. Secure a completion contract

Contact information:
Gbenimah Balu Slopadoe I
CEO-Resource Venture Lib
Cell #: +231 880788706/ +231776938829
Email: resourceventure@yahoo.com


Our Mission

Our mission is to create long-term value for investors and society by enabling land/ housing owners and prospective buyers to interact to fulfill their real estate business needs in Liberia.

Resource Venture, Liberia